Listening to analyst podcasts is free and easy

icon-microphone-reduced-v-2.jpgIf you have not started listening to analyst podcasts I highly recommend that you consider doing so. Podcasts are a great way to get information when stuck in the daily commute, working out on the treadmill, shopping at the grocery store, hanging out at the airport and so on.  If you have an Apple iPod, the iTunes Music Store makes it very easy to subscribe to any number of free analyst, technology, business publication, and competitor podcasts.  But you don’t need an iPod.  Most podcasts work with any MP3 player or can simply be played on your laptop.
Podcasts are useful for many communities: CIOs, IT buyers, vendor AR, product managers, reporters and others.
 I recommend subscribing — for free — to any analyst podcasts that become available. Not only can you get interesting information, but often the insights are not included in any written research. In addition, podcasts are often informal as compared to a research note or conference presentation, which means that some unofficial research and recommendations are aired.
For AR, podcasts can be especially useful because their companies’ customers and prospects are likely listening to the podcasts as well. Knowing what the analysts are saying to customers can critical in sales situations, messaging and analyst briefings.
Here are some analyst podcasts that I have found. This is by no means an all inclusive list, so please let me know of other podcasts and vodcasts.

AMR Research – AMR has two podcasts on iTunes: “First Thing Monday Morning” and “Research Matters.”
Forrester – At the time of this article, Forrester does not have any podcasts available on iTunes. However, it does have a Forrester Research channel on YouTube with extracts from several conferences.
Gartner Voice – Gartner Voice is a highly professional effort with 52 articles posted to iTunes in 2007. New articles are posted a few times per month. Each article is usually eight to 11 minutes long. In addition, Gartner has made its “Talking Technology” monthly audio magazine available to clients as MP3 downloads. These can be found behind the paywall on While not as convenient as subscribing to iTunes, the Talking Technology articles are easy to download and import into an iPod or MP3 player.

 IDC eXchange — What is on iTunes is minimal at best. Occasionally, Frank Gens will podcast his IDC eXchange blog entries. However, IDC does have a YouTube IDC eXchange channel that might have some potential.
Besides podcasting, some firms are getting into YouTube videos like Forrester and IDC. While not as convenient as podcasts, which are mobile and only require listening, videos can also be useful.
Bottom Line: Listening to analyst podcasts can be a convenient way to get information.
Question: Do you know of other analysts that have podcasts or YouTube videos? If so, please leave a comment with the name and location.

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