Speed versus silence on the Microsoft-Yahoo announcement and the implications for Analyst Relations and the Press

icon-social-media-blue.jpgIt has been interesting seeing the different responses to the Microsoft-Yahoo announcement. For example, as of 10:15 US Pacific Time:

  • Redmonk’s James Governor on his Monkchips has an interesting post, plus James has been Twittering
  • Forrester has commentary from three analysts (Rob, Charlene and Shar) on three blogs, each with a unique point-of-view
  • Rob Enderle has weighed in on the Technology Pundits blog
  • AMR, Gartner and IDC, nothing so far on their websites or blogs

No doubt, IDC and Gartner analysts have been talking to the press and clients, but frankly so […]

Spotlight on IDC’s Crawford del Prete – Always exceeding expectations

photo-crawford-del-prete_color-v-1.jpgDon’t you wish you could say that about every analyst?

First, congratulations to Crawford for his recent promotion to EVP of Global Research. He is running IDC’s technology research as well as the Insights end user research.  As such he manages a wide range of IDC staff, but still manages to make time to wear his “analyst’s hat” to keep in close touch with the market.
Dave and Carter have had the opportunity to work with Crawford over time. His role was the prototypical “Watcher” that worked to get the big picture about a large tech company with multiple business groups. Crawford invested the time and energy to […]