Spotlight on Enderle Group’s Rob Enderle — High profile yes, but also smart and insightful

photo-rob-enderle.jpgOne of the more controversial analysts in the analyst ecosystem and blogsphere is Rob Enderle. For instance, some of the more colorful posts are “Why Rob Enderle is a moron” and “Rob Enderle: Putting the ‘Anal’ in ‘Analyst'”. This animosity is due to the fact that he gets the most press quotes of any IT industry analyst – more than most firms – and that Rob takes strong stands on industry issues that ruffle a lot of feathers. The high profile in the press is a deliberate and smart marketing strategy on Rob’s part, but sometimes it obscures the fact that he is smart and insightful.

When I first got to my previous employer, I frankly had a similarly low opinion of Rob. Like many AR professionals, this opinion was not based on any personal interaction with him, but just a visceral reaction to […]