SageCircle’s “Analyst Hierarchy of Needs” – Part one

SageCircle’s Analyst Hierarchy of NeedsWhy is it that some analysts are content with receiving a newsletter while other analysts always demand access to the vendor’s CEO? In this post we introduce a model that defines a hierarchy of analyst needs.  Application of the Hierarchy can help AR programs prioritize initiatives and focus communication and interaction strategies based on a new understanding of analyst motivations. In addition, the Hierarchy provides an essential component for manager and executive AR training as it explains the need for specific AR strategies and activities.

SageCircle developed the “SageCircle Hierarchy of Analyst Needs” after conducting literally thousands of industry analyst interactions, both surveys and interviews, while doing measurement engagements like the AR effectiveness study, spoken word audits and analyst conference surveys. Through pattern analysis, it became apparent that the analysts had common professional needs and expectations. By drawing parallels between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and this similar observation about the analysts, we can better understand analyst behavior and AR programs can develop more effective strategies for managing and maintaining relationships.

Levels of the Hierarchy

The levels of the analyst needs pyramid (click on figure to enlarge) are, from lowest to highest,  […]