Why AR professionals should consider joining IIAR

Last Thursday saw the inaugural meeting of what is hoped to become the Silicon Valley chapter of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR, website, blog). There was good attendance and a lively panel of independent analysts discussing their role in the analyst landscape. But will an IIAR chapter in the Silicon Valley really take off?

To provide perspectives on why AR professionals in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere should consider joining a professional organization like IIAR, SageCircle interviewed two top AR practitioners to get their opinions. The first is a short video with Anne-miek Hamelinck, VP of Waggener Edstrom’s AR practice.

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The second opinion comes from Peggy O’Neill, who helped organized last Thursday’s meeting. Peggy has a unique background in that she has been a Dataquest analyst, the VP of AR at Oracle, and now is the head of Hill & Knowlton’s North American AR practice.

Peggy said:

“I encourage people to review http://www.analystrelations.org and decide for themselves, but succinctly here are my thoughts: 

  • Networking and personal motivation – AR can be very lonely, as few people in your own company know what you do. It’s easier to get motivated again when you hang out with other professionals who have the same challenges and triumphs that you do.
  • Accelerates personal development – IIAR provides content that can help accelerate the professional development of AR managers. Seasoned professionals can learn from each other and help the industry by mentoring others and continually raising the level of professionalism.
  • Helps the industry – the AR profession needs a strong association to help move the profession forward. Now is a great time to help contribute and shape the profession.”

Bottom Line: One of AR’s challenges in trying to be a strategic resource for their companies is to be taken seriously as a real profession as opposed to a task that can be done by anybody. One of the steps that AR has to take to promote the professional is creating an enduring association. We encourage all AR professionals to consider joining IIAR, not only as a dues-paying member, but also as a volunteer.

Question: What are the reasons why AR pros do not join and participate in professional organizations like IIA (and SPAR before it)?

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