Call for case study volunteers – How the analysts impacted a sales deal


One of the most powerful tools that analyst relations teams have to convince their companies’ executives about the business value of AR is a case study on an impact that an industry analyst had on a specific deal. For example, when we published “SageNoteTM AR107 — Case Study: Rapid Response by AR saves a $35 Million Deal” (call if you would like a copy), our client used this case study about her situation to obtain two more headcount because executives got that AR was not expense but an investment to drive sales.

Unfortunately, most AR teams do not feel like they have the writing skills or bandwidth to create case studies.  SageCircle strategists have both. Give us a call and we will work with you to create a killer case study that you can use with your executives. There will be no cost for this service as our “payment” will be permission to publish the case study as a SageNote. You will have the option to be anonymous (e.g., “a management software company”) or named.

Call SageCircle at 650-274-8309 to volunteer to be a case study subject or to obtain a copy of SageNote AR107.

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