Man bites dog — IDC licenses reprint of Outsell report in order to tout itself

logo-outsell.jpgIn what is for me an amusing twist how things normally work, here is an analyst firm getting a reprint of another analyst firm’s report in order to promote itself. In this case, it’s IDC that got the reprint of an Outsell report “IDC Grows Vertically Through Insights Product Line” to put on its website for marketing purposes. It is a pretty straight forward market research piece IDC, mainly facts with some analysis. You can get a copy by

visiting IDC here.
Outsell is a very reputable firm. This looks like a regular syndicated report, not a whitepaper commissioned by the client. I will double check just to be sure and will update this post.

Update: Louise Garnett of Outsell got back to me and confirmed that this was a regular research note for Outsell’s syndicated analyst industry service and IDC licensed a reprint after it had been published.
logo-idc.gifSageCircle Technique: While a useful piece of data to include in making decisions around an analyst list or buying analyst services, this report should not be given too much weight.
Bottom Line: The Outsell report provides useful information about IDC’s strength and direction. However, it should not be stretched to infer insights into IDC’s influence.
Question: What do you think of the information in the Outsell report about IDC?

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