Forrester AR Council members — make sure you vote on your topics

logo-forrester-ar-council.jpgSeveral people have let me know that the Forrester AR Council is looking for input on its content agenda. So council members, look for that e-mail and vote early and often! Here is a topic to add to the bucket: “How influential are the analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester and whether that influence is waning due to the bloggers?”  My take is that influence is not a sum-zero game and that the influence of both groups could be growing. But it would be interesting to have Forrester do some research on the topic.
Tip of the o’ the hat to a number of SageCircle readers for the tip about Forrester’s AR Council survey.

Question:  Even if you are not a member of Forrester’s AR Council, what AR topics do you think that Forrester should research?

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