The Analyst Attitude Survey Awards

The Analyst Attitude Survey (AAS) is run bi-annually by the Analyst Observatory and asks analysts from all regions to rate the leading technology, consulting, and telecom companies, typically receiving around 400 responses.

The survey asks each participant only to rate the companies they feel most knowledgeable about in order to aid the robustness of the results and eliminate any anomalies.

Towards the end of 2020, the Analyst Observatory conducted an analysis to calculate which companies are the most highly rated by the analyst community, based on various categories or themes. To generate the categories, the Observatory aggregated the individual questions from the survey into five areas:

– Customer Favorite
– Best AR Team Service
– Industry Leader
– Biggest Improver
– Analyst Advocacy Award
– Overall Champion- the aggregate of the other categories  

Unlike the other categories, the Analyst Advocacy Award has only one component question: How likely are you to recommend this firm?

AWS was rated exceptionally throughout, coming first in four of the six categories. Despite its overall dominance, however, it was also perceived as the second Biggest Improver—behind Microsoft. The other category in which AWS failed to score highly is Best AR Team Service, the category instead being led by Nokia Networks.  

Overall, the top ten in the survey are AWS, Siemens, Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce, Tata Consulting, HCL, Cisco, Dell Technologies, and Ericsson.

Category Winners

  • Customer Favorite – AWS
  • Best AR Team Service – Nokia Networks
  • Industry Leader – AWS
  • Biggest Improver – Microsoft
  • Analyst Advocacy Award – AWS
  • Overall Champion – AWS

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