Announcing a new “Page” – Analyst Tips for AR

There are many interesting blog posts by industry analysts providing tips to the analyst relations (AR) community on how best to interact with the analyst. This is very useful information for AR professionals, both to improve their AR execution, but also to get insights into their analysts.

For awhile, SageCircle has kept a running list of links to these suggestions in a blog post originally published in early February and then updated periodically. The problem is that this particular post is not easy to find unless you knew to look for it. Starting today we have elevated this information into a “Page” called Analyst Tips for AR. A Page is a non-dated post and always shows up in the “Pages” box, which we have at the top of the left navigation bar. A feature of this Page will be a list of updates. This should make it easier for SageCircle readers to keep up with the tips and tricks that the analysts are offering.

In today’s rather large update we have added 14 34 suggestions from three nine analysts. However, because we got a bit behind in updating the list, there are going to be new links added throughout the weekend. Please check back on Monday to get the full set of new links. The updates have been completed.

Please take a look at the blog entries that have found so far (alphabetical order by firm). Please let us know about analyst posts with AR tips that we are missing by leaving a comment or sending an email to carter [at]

SageCircle Technique: AR professionals should ask analysts what are their preferences when it comes to interactions. AR teams should also closely monitor the blogs, if any, of their Tier 1 and 2 analysts to capture any insight into how the analysts like to be treated by vendors.

Bottom Line: For AR professionals, understanding what analysts like and don’t like can be a valuable piece of insight to make your interactions more productive. Remember, analysts are people and individuals, not some monolithic “analyst,” so treat them as individuals.

Question: Analysts – Do you have pet peeves about how vendors interact with you? If so, please share them with SageCircle so that we can enhance the AR profession.


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