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logo-tekrati.gifLast week Dave Eckert and I sat down with Barbara French for lunch at Buck’s, the renowned hangout of VCs and digerati. It’s always a pleasure to chat with someone knowledgeable and opinionated about the IT analyst industry and analyst relations. The conversation ranged from industry gossip to AR best practices to the small but dynamic AR services market and ideas how to get a more active on-line community going.
Barbara is the founder and executive editor of Tekrati: The Industry Analyst Reporter, the leading analyst industry news site. Tekrati is an incredibly rich source of information about the analysts including: […]

A nifty free utility for capturing bits and pieces of content from the web

graphic-hp-smart-web-print-utility.jpgThe free HP utility Smart Web Print gets a thumbs up from The Mossberg Solution by way of the Wall Street Journal. From the article:  
“Some people try to organize Web research by opening Microsoft Word documents alongside their browsers. They copy and paste data from sites into the documents, but this is usually a messy process that traps users into wasting time fixing formats and deleting ads. Others press Print whenever a helpful site appears, resulting in wasted paper and ink. Savvier users create folders within their Web browsers that hold multiple URLs about a research topic, but these data can’t easily be shared or printed for use away from the PC.
There’s a better way… […]