Four Steps to Getting Value from Insights

By: Robin Schaffer

Four Steps to Getting Value from Insights

There are four streamlined steps teams can take to get the maximum value out of analyst insights. These can be implemented in any company of any size, so long as the players have the right attitude and are motivated to work with AR in order to succeed.

Step one is to recognize the value of insights in the first place. Insights are great (if they weren’t, the analyst field wouldn’t be very much use, would it?), but they often fall on deaf ears. It’s critical that AR ensures insights are shared with the right people in an organization so firms will actually adapt in the way they need to. Listening to insights will help deepen relationships with analysts, changing them from someone that simply talks to you into someone who roots for you.

Step two is to capture and crystallize those insights. This is simpler than it may sound: take your event report and change it into a list of actionable insights. There should be a maximum of three bullet points on this list. Make sure this list ends up in the hands of whoever is responsible for the issues in need of change. Identifying these insights is easy with the help of a subject matter expert on the call with the analyst.

The third thing to do is apply these insights. Insights can range from pursued to unsolicited, with pursued being the ones teams are already working on anyways and unsolicited being the ones that need to be enacted with the help of a designated listening post.

Finally, measure the impact that insights have had on the company, but don’t fall into the trap of quantifying them. The best way to measure impacts is to connect an analyst with a specific change and evaluate what the change has done for you. Give feedback to every analyst whose change you measure, both positive and negative. If you’re the type of person that needs a quantifiable figure, the Analyst Value Survey is a great resource!


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