Jeremiah Owyang interviews SageCircle’s Carter Lusher

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Forrester analyst and Web Strategy blogger extraordinaire Jeremiah Owyang interviewed your humble correspondent at Buck’s of Woodside on the topic of the industry analysts and social media. Here is the video, but you should also visit the post for the commentary and comments.

 Video: Why Social Media scares the Analyst Industry (3 min with Carter Lusher)

Jeremiah is one of the few major firm analysts that cover social media that actually walks the walk by being […]

Why startups have their briefing requests turned down [Startup Saturday]

rocket-for-startups.jpgMarketing managers at startups and intrapreneurs (functions like an entrepreneur but within large companies) often get frustrated because their requests to brief an analyst are often turned down. They then start thinking it’s because they don’t have a contract with the firm (see Should tech startups invest in analyst relations?). Alas, the problem of getting a briefing accepted is not as easy as writing a check for some analyst services.

When startups have trouble getting analysts’ attention, or their requests to meet for a briefing are turned down, it is usually because […]

AR teams should ask their analysts about their uses of social media

icon-social-media-blue.jpgIn Why social media scares the analyst firms and vendor AR teams, we pointed out that social media was here to stay and that analysts and AR can’t hope for it fade away as a fad. In fact, AR teams that have yet to start experimenting with social media (e.g., blogs, social networks, microblogging, et cetera) might be surprised to find that some of their analysts are much more into these forms of communications than expected.

 For example, I launched my company AR blog and promoted the blog heavily to the analysts. What was interesting was the feedback I was getting from older, long-time analysts that found the blog useful. So my assumption that only younger, junior analysts would read it went out the window.

SageCircle Technique:  My suggestion to AR teams is that you […]

You need a strong ARM to help you lift your AR program

icon-tools.jpgManaging relationships with your IT Industry Analysts is not unlike salespeople managing their customer relationships. Therefore it is surprising that so many AR teams do not employ a CRM-style system tailored to analysts. An Analyst Relationship Manager (ARM) system can greatly improve group collaboration and efficiency while maintaining a corporate history of analyst interactions. A survey of AR teams can turn up processes that use spreadsheets, small databases, paper files, or modified sales contact systems. Record keeping and group collaboration may take the form of shared file spaces and extended email threads. These piecemeal attempts generally do not […]

Gartner to Report Fourth Quarter 2007 Financial Results on February 7, 2008

logo-gartner.gifThe conference call is at 7 am US Pacific Time. I will be on Twitter giving a running commentary. My Twitter address is

I don’t listen to the Gartner and Forrester earnings calls with the same mindset as a financial analyst. What I listen for are clues to […]

IT managers, it’s never, ever only about the upper right dot when it comes to Forrester Waves or Gartner Magic Quadrants

icon-phone-headset.jpgOne of the things that drives vendors – and even some Gartner and Forrester analysts – crazy is when an IT buyer zeros in on the vendors in the upper right hand corner of a Forrester Wave or Magic Quadrant to the exclusion of all other vendors. It is human nature to go for those who are perceived as tops in their market. Alas, that is not how these highly visible research graphics should be used. Rather IT managers should be looking to align their […]

Forrester AR Council members — make sure you vote on your topics

logo-forrester-ar-council.jpgSeveral people have let me know that the Forrester AR Council is looking for input on its content agenda. So council members, look for that e-mail and vote early and often! Here is a topic to add to the bucket: “How influential are the analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester and whether that influence is waning due to the bloggers?”  My take is that influence is not a sum-zero game and that the […]