Time Is Of The Essence, Don’t Waste It On Worthless Firms

By: Sven Litke

23/04- If You Had $100 To Spend On AR...

Time is limited, so why waste it? Instead, make sure you’re spending it on the things that really matter to you and your organization. AR managers often struggle to identify which influencers to focus on, but giving the simple answer of “Ask your customers” often leaves them baffled.

Once upon a time, people thought that it was only Gartner and Forrester that could make or break vendors’ performances, but that fairytale is long over. Although it’s undeniable that Gartner and Forrester are major market leaders with excellent value for money, it’s wrong to ignore other players who may also have an influence.

The Analyst Value Survey is a great tool to pinpoint analyst firms that have had a great impact on vendors’ earning potentials. Previous results have indicated that some second-tier analyst firms worth considering are VDC Research, G2 Crowd, and InfoTrends, as well as numerous others.

Although the value of analyst firms is constantly changing, the AVS uses these changes to track, highlight and identify trends. In mid-October of 2015, Apple Inc lost $40 billion in overall stock worth, while IBM’s value fell by 10%. This just goes to show that not even the giants are immune from having analysts influence their share price.

The reviewing of survey reports highlights the fact that vendors either significantly underestimate—or massively overestimate—the value of analyst firms. Both of these mistakes cost firms valuable time and money, so the AVS data is an excellent tool to help overcome these obstacles.

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