AR Bootcamp For Startups: Two Experts Weigh In

By Sarah Shamouelian

AR Bootcamp For Startups: Two Experts Weigh In

Startups are often at the cutting edge of their industry in terms of innovation and new technologies. However, these fresh new companies aren’t usually very well versed in the nuances, value, and social norms of AR.

Robin Schaffer, SageCircle’s Qualitative Research Advisor and author of Analysts on Analyst Relations: The SageCircle Guide, and Sven Litke, co-founder of Kea Company, were given a task: If you could put on an AR bootcamp for startups, what would it look like?

Kea Company specialize in small to medium level businesses. Sven also has startup experience and a diverse career in the tech industry, so he understands that the majority of new companies don’t have a formalized process for approaching AR. In fact, many of them have no framework in place for getting analysts’ attention and struggle to find the value that an AR team provides.

Sven’s main message to startups is that they have to be committed to doing AR properly. Often, newer companies have the tendency to give it a try for a few months and then disappear off the map. This is undoubtedly a critical error. Instead, they need to be in it for the long haul. It will show AR professionals that they’re actually interested in growing their company and that they understand what analysts provide for them. Keeping an open line of communication and accessible information is crucial to showing that a company means business.

Robin’s message is even clearer— think about your briefing and how you present it. Through interviewing dozens of analysts spanning numerous markets, she found that one of the biggest things analysts want is a clearly outlined and impactful briefing. Focus on telling the story of the company— something that startups usually excel at—but don’t forget that analysts want to get ‘into the weeds’ with you. Incorporating impact with information is a skill that companies need to learn early on in order to get the most out of the industry.

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