Why startups have their briefing requests turned down [Startup Saturday]

rocket-for-startups.jpgMarketing managers at startups and intrapreneurs (functions like an entrepreneur but within large companies) often get frustrated because their requests to brief an analyst are often turned down. They then start thinking it’s because they don’t have a contract with the firm (see Should tech startups invest in analyst relations?). Alas, the problem of getting a briefing accepted is not as easy as writing a check for some analyst services.

When startups have trouble getting analysts’ attention, or their requests to meet for a briefing are turned down, it is usually because […]

Startups can create business value by focusing on industry analysts [Startup Saturday]

rocket-for-startups.jpgThere is great value for startups that sell to corporations or large governments to invest in analyst relations (AR). The analysts can: 

  • Bolster startups’ credibility by characterizing the startup as “viable” or an “up-and-comer”
  • Generate highly qualified leads by placing the startup […]

Why is it so difficult for startups and intrapreneurs to identify analysts to talk to? [Startup Saturday]

rocket-for-startups.jpgOne of the most difficult tasks for a startup or intrapreneurs (functions like an entrepreneur within large companies) is to identify who the heck in the analyst community they should be targeting for interactions. Often the first few analysts that are contacted flatly turn the startup down leading to discouragement or a suspicion that it’s a pay-to-play situation. That is usually not the case, but frankly it is much more difficult for startups to identify the appropriate analysts. […]

Should tech startups invest in analyst relations?

rocket-for-startups.jpgLast night I attended the Marketing SIG monthly meeting of the SDForum (an association for tech startups) because Dana Marks of Weber Shandwick and analyst Rob Enderle were talking about “Analyst Relations — It’s All About Influence.” It was a pretty interesting meeting. Rob was very candid and had a lot of funny stories about dealing with vendors that illustrated important issues.  The most salient point for me was that even in the 21st Century the IT industry analysts are still a mystery to a broad swath of the tech vendor community, especially startups. The questions that were asked by the attendees were to the point and reflected real concerns. Here are some examples: 

Gartner’s Cool Vendor annual research note set [Startup Saturday]

rocket-for-startups.jpgOften startups with interesting new technologies feel like there are no IT analysts that want to cover them. For example, they are usually excluded from signature deliverables like Forrester Waves and Gartner Magic Quadrants since they often don’t fit neatly into an existing market. Rather than give up, startups should consider targeting Gartner’s annual “Cool Vendors” research note series.